Coming to a Close – Last Two Weeks in Bali

        Coming back to “real life” has really allowed me to put off doing this last blog on Bali. During the last two weeks there I got around to checking a few more things off the list, like riding my bike and catching a wave.

        Through, I booked a mountain bike tour that shuttled us to the north edge of the island and up a mountain, which brought us to a 15 minute long singletrack through some very unique terrain that spat us out right alongside the ocean.

        The Bali Bike Park is a small mountainside packed with fun. They’ve got trails for any and all riders. They shuttle you up from beside a lake into the jungle. Laps all day. It’s really such a treat to be able to ride quality trails in an epic tropical region that already has lots to offer.










Shuttle rigs, Bali style.


The jungle safari machine.


The Tanah Lot temple, a tourist-bombarded attraction, is an old cliff-side temple that is now only accessible during low tide because of years of sea water erosion.


        Our first attempt at finding Tegenungan Waterfall led us to the top of the waterfall, which was one of those mistakes we didn’t regret..




There’s a perfect cliff to hop off of into the falls.


        We saved the best for last. Our last 5 nights were well-spend at the Chillhouse in Canggu. They’ve done an impressive job designing that place. It’s cozy, clean, convenient, and beautiful. It’s one of those places that has everything you need, from two free meals a day, to yoga classes on your roof, to spiritual healing programs. The Chillhouse and the Bali Bike Park are joined forces so you can get transported all the way over there from your room. They have a monopoly on fun things in Bali.

20160601-DSC01450 20160528-DSC01365

        This is how I transported my whole DH bike in one bag across the world, for no extra charge. One 30″ x 50″ duffel bag from a military surplus store and sufficient padding. Take off the wheels, fork, bars, and pedals, and sandwich it all together:

20160601-DSC01440 20160601-DSC01441 20160601-DSC01444


        26 hours from Denpasar to SFO. Home sweet foggy home. After all that heat and humidity you feel like you’re taking your first breath when you come back to California.

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